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Yes. Yes it is, my dear Watson.


Watch my first  Q&A vid!

"Field hockey looks easy"
Me: "okay, lets see you run for 70 minutes non-stop btw you have to be hunched over so forget about breathing and youre squatting the entire time so your quads and butt are on fire but block that out because someones about to drive that large solid plastic ball into your leg at about 40mph, oh and that girl whiffed and nailed you with a stick made of kevlar aka what they make bulletproof vests out of oh and it's summer so it's like a gazillion degrees times ten because we're playing on the sun's surface aka turf.
do you want to rethink that statement now?"


Videogames are great, they let you try your craziest fantasies

For example, on the sims, you can have a job and a house

The song “Stand In The Rain” is AMAZING!!! Thank you SOOOO much for introducing me to it gwendallross

. I have it on repeat right now!! I’m kinda obsessed :P


After lunch today David and I went out for cupcakes. Okay actually we went out for chocolate but faced with the choice between $2.75 for a one bite truffle and $3 for an amazing gourmet cupcake, well the choice was obvious. The cupcake I had (snickerdoodle, pic on my instagram) was by far the best gluten free baked good I had ever had and the baker told me she used garbanzo flour. Later tonight, still thinking about that deliciousness, the idea hit me to try using chickpeas in a cupcake. If black beans make great healthy brownies, maybe chickpeas could make a good cupcake, right? RIGHT! These cupcakes came out, especially for gluten free cupcakes, with the perfect moist texture and with so much PB2 they were filled with peanut buttery flavor. After the first test run I decided to add in the chocolate bits because, well chocolate makes everything better, and I like my peanut butter with a friend haha!

You can enjoy these plain or add a host of toppings. David added chocolate butter cream but said they were good both ways. Chocolate ganache, chocolate drizzle, even a banana based topping would all be great here, or go simple with a swirl of reddi wip. At just 32 calories per cupcake you can really play around with toppings both making and enjoying a couple options! :)

For more healthy dessert recipes go here and for more gluten free recipes go here!

This looks sooo good!! I will defiantly be making it.


Just Some Updates For My YouTube Channel.

Instagram Problems

Of coarse, Instagram goes down right when I’m about to hit my goal of 3k by 11:59 tonight. I just had 35 more followers to go… 35!!